Buenos Aires Empanada Quest

4 01 2009

After reading several articles on empanadas in Buenos Aires, and looking at the city map trying to figure out the easiest and cheapest way to make our way around town, we selected seven spots to try.  The rainy weather and Chris’s fever made our quest a bit of a challenge, though, and we had to cut out a few stops.  Here are the results or our abbreviated (but still so tasty) empanada quest.  Overall, we both agreed that we liked fried better than baked, though one spot we tried had a deliciously light and flaky baked empanada.  As far as fillings go, we liked almost anything…as it turns out, savory filled pastries are delicious.  Some were a bit more delicious than the others, though…

1.  La Americana — 3 1/2 stars.  We had one criolla frita (meat, eggs, unpitted olives) and one verdura frita (creamy spinach, though Chris thought it could have been creamier).  Great texture, good flavor.  This is the self-proclaimed “reina de las empanadas” located at Bartolome Mitre and Congreso.

2.  Minga (from the other night) — 4 stars (beef and olives, fried).  Located on Costa Rica in the Palermo.

3.  La Querencia — 4 stars.  We had one carne (meat is chopped, not ground, with onions — great flavor) and one “del tambo” (7 different cheeses, including blue cheese…gooey goodness).  These were on the small side though…  This place is on Junin at Juncal in the Recoleta neighborhood.

4.  El Sanjuanino — 3 1/2 stars.  We had the carne picante (spciy meat, green olives, peppers, oninols — we loved that spicy really was spicy) and one neopolitano (mozzarella, tomato, basil).  These were baked instead of fried — best baked crust yet.  Very flaky.  On Posadas in Recoleta.




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