A little bit about me

 I was born in Austin, Texas, and absolutely love it here.  I thought I knew this when I graduated from high school, but just to be sure, I went away for college.  I got my undergrad degree in English from Princeton University, moved to Houston after graduation, and tried out a few different careers — Fine Art photography gallery manager, program specialist for non-profit photography organization, technical writer and editor, legal assistant for a huge law firm.  At a certain point, I decided to figure out something a little more practical for a career, so I went to law school.  After graduating from the University of Houston Law Center, I returned to my beloved Austin where I have been practicing law since 2002. 

I have many passions in life, but two that keep me most occupied are food and travel.  I love to cook, eat, watch shows about cooking, read about eating, try (most) new foods…I know everyone says it, but really, I love food.  I also love to travel…I love to see new places, I love to walk for miles exploring cities, towns, and the countryside alike.  Not surprisingly, my very favorite thing to do while traveling is eat, and I believe the best way to experience another culture is by experiencing its cuisine.  While this is best done in another city or country, that’s not always necessary, so if I can’t jet off to India for the weekend, I can at least try to make a mean curry and some homemade naan.  So, in order to satisfy my longing for a creative outlet and record and share my travel and food experiences with others, I decided to jump on the blog bandwagon.

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